Cast On

  1. Pull a length of yarn from the skein and make a circle (such as triangle circle). You should see an “X”.
  2. Grab the strand of yarn that is on top of the “X” and bring it behind and through the loop. Pull this new loop through the previous loop and pull down to make a slip knot.
  3. Place the slipknot on the needle. Hold the needle in your right hand with your index finger resting on the yarn so that it does not fall off.
  4. Place the short end of the yarn over your left thumb and bring the other end of the yarn up and over your left index finger. Hold both yarn ends in your left palm with your remaining three fingers.
  5. Insert needle under the first strand of yarn on your left thumb.
  6. Bring needle over and around the first strand on your index finger.
  7. Pull the needle down through the loop on your thumb.
  8. Slip your thumb out of the loop, then bring your thumb toward you, catching the yarn end to form new loop on your thumb. Gently pull to tighten the new stitch on the needle.
  9. Repeat the previous five steps until you have casted on the width of your final piece.

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