Anyone can learn how to knit with a little practice and patience.  At first, you may think knitting is very hard or only for females.  However, once you get the very basic simple steps, you’ll find that anyone can knit a simple scarf for oneself or others.  This website provides basic instructions for beginners.

Before your start to learn knitting, you’ll need to learn about the terms and tools associated with the craft. The “Before you start” page in this website provides information about the terms and tools you will need before you get started.

The “Videos” page in this website provides videos to help you visualize each step and get a better understanding.

For a first project, you can make a simple small square of yarn.  Once you begin to get used to knitting, you can make at least make a long and various patterned rectangle as a scarf.

Remember it will take time, but you can get the hang of it.  For me, knitting helps me relax.  Hope you enjoy learning how to knit through this website!


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